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Tailgate Assist Up Down System Ford Ranger Next Gen / Raptor Next Gen

Tailgate Assist Up Down System Ford Ranger Next Gen / Raptor Next Gen

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Forget about the hassle of dirty hands and stained clothes with RIVAL bonnet assist kits. These innovative kits are designed to simplify the process of lifting and closing your vehicle's bonnet, ensuring a clean and effortless operation every time. With the advanced Stabilus dynamic gas struts incorporated into the design, you can enjoy smooth and controlled movement, reducing the physical strain and mess associated with traditional bonnet operations.

In addition, elevate your tailgate experience with the RIVAL tailgate assist kit, which also features Stabilus dynamic gas struts. This kit is engineered to make the process of opening and closing your tailgate significantly more comfortable and convenient. The dynamic gas struts ensure a gradual and controlled lowering of the tailgate, preventing sudden drops and minimizing the effort required to operate it.

Both the bonnet and tailgate assist kits from RIVAL are meticulously designed to enhance your vehicle experience, providing effortless functionality and maintaining a clean, hassle-free environment. Enjoy the benefits of advanced engineering and user-friendly features with RIVAL’s high-quality solutions.

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